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Artisan Writes Tale of Success With Hand crafted Pen Business

December 28, 2017

Just when was the final time you used a pen?.

March. 20, 2018, at 6:00 a.m.

Erectile dysfunction Seyfried, who owns Ed’s Pens, holds a Civil War pen he earned at his home in King George, Veterans administration. on Sept. 20, 2018. Seyfried uses materials including wood, acrylic, metal, horn and bone to help make the pens. (Mike Morones/The Disposable Lance-Star via AP) The Connected Press

Artisan Writes Tale of Success With Hand crafted Pen Business

By EMILY JENNINGS, The Disposable-Lance Star

KING GEORGE, Veterans administration. (AP) — Albert Einstein was focused on his M150 Pelikan writing pen. It’s rumored that Queen Elizabeth has utilized exactly the same Parker 51 since she was topped in 1953. Samuel Clemens always used a Conklin Crescent, signing his books in longhand together with his pen name, Mark Twain.

Just when was the final time you used a pen?

This type of tool may go through archaic with a and nostalgic to other people, carrying out a path like this from the watch or cassette tape. Within an era obsessive about the most recent technological gadgets, so what about writing by hands?

Erectile dysfunction Seyfried does. The King George artisan finds lots of other people who do, too — and are prepared to pay handsomely for a high quality one.

“I usually have a pen beside me,” Seyfried stated. “People still need a pen, to sign something, jot lower some notes. They see my pens and think, ‘That will be a great gift!'”

Seyfried makes custom pens by hands, using a variety of various kinds of wood from around the globe, or acrylic, or perhaps repurposing products like machine gun shells.

“One pen I am focusing on at this time is perfect for a writer with a brand new book being released in October,” Seyfried stated. “I am creating a pen particularly themed with this book, so he’ll be prepared for his book signings.”

To personalize a pen, Seyfried may use a custom engraving or initials, the colours or insignia from the favorite college, a household crest or flag.

“My very own personal pen has my submarine insignia like a pen clip,” Seyfried stated. He would be a nuclear reactor operator within the U.S. Navy’s submarine service.

Next, he labored 26 years for Potomac Electrical Power Co. and it was a teacher at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, retiring in the year 2006. Seyfried — that has resided in King George since 1980 — has labored a number of part-time jobs since that time.

A couple of years back he visited a woodworking show in the Fredericksburg Expo Center and saw a place setup that people make their very own wooden pens.

“I figured, I’m able to do this,” Seyfriend stated. “I purchased a little tabletop lathe and learned how to get it done, and also the business is continuing to grow after that.”

Seyfried’s pens vary from $20 each as much as about $200. He makes use of a Facebook page to promote his wares underneath the business’ name, Ed’s Pens.

“Things are not as easy to utilize. For instance, a person purchased a pen lately made from a water zoysia horn,” he stated. “It simply means I must become more meticulous along the way, make certain my tools are sharp — I have to know and become careful.”

Seyfried’s wife, Katy, can invariably tell as he continues to be challenged by his work. “After I walk away from the store, she will tell simply by the appearance on my small face,” he stated. “She’s my muse, she always helps me enjoy it.”

Some pens in Seyfried’s collection would be the creative consequence of mistakes produced in the workshop.

“One would be all black, but the top end from it broke,” Seyfried stated. “I’d some ivory relaxing in the store, and so i tried on the extender making another type of pen, my black and ivory pen.”

Robert Jarvis of Granite Quarry, N.C., has purchased eight or even more pens from Seyfried.

“I love his work, it is a good product,” Jarvis stated. “I acquired a couple of personally, some gifts for Christmas — they have all been really awesome pens.”

A security director for Universal Forest Products, Jarvis is another firemen and gun collector.

“I am inside a gun club and that i got a bit of of my buddies gun-themed pens — a hunting rifle pen along with a pistol pen, variations and forest,” he stated. “Plus i got one after some saw blade onto it just like a saw mill with my initials onto it.”

The very first pen he ever purchased from Seyfried would be a firemen pen. “He’s a flair for that unique, plus they all work great,” Jarvis stated. “He’s a genuine good guy, honest, easy to utilize. I really like my country and love stuff that are American made, therefore it is an excellent business throughout.”

Additionally to pens, Seyfried makes razor handles, key fobs, purse wardrobe hangers, money clips, seam rippers and bottle of wine stoppers. Styles vary from every U.S. military branch to music, medicine, quilting, motorcycles and nearly other things you are able to consider.

“I sell a marriage set having a matching cake knife and server and 2 champagne glasses,” Seyfried stated.

He frequently includes a booth setup at local maqui berry farmers markets or occasions like Port Royal’s annual Pirate Invasion, selling pens that suit the occasion.

“I’ll visit a vehicle show then sell pens that appear to be just like a shock absorber or gear shift,” he stated. “I am always available to new ideas, I attempt to support everyone and consider new methods to express an individual preference.”

Seyfried stated he enjoys everything concerning the business.

“It is extremely rewarding to determine this square bit of material are a pen when I am completed with it,” he stated. “I really like that every one of these is exclusive, made distinctively for a person.”

He noticed that even individuals who buy a Montblanc pen, for instance, as nice as it might be, own one of many.

“It’s produced by machine,” he stated. “Every pen I make arrives of my thoughts using these two hands the following.”

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