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Contest: WIN a Pelikan P16 Stola III Fountain Pen

February 14, 2018

Contest: WIN a Pelikan P16 Stola III Fountain PenThe Pelikan’s Perch turns 4 years of age today! No more your child, a part of me still cannot think that the website goes strong and ongoing to develop every year. I’m able to only attribute that notion to my love of the trademark, the truly amazing products Pelikan creates, and also the support famous you, without which none of this is possible. My blog was created from the need to share the understanding and perspective which i had acquired in researching my personal favorite fountain pens. I needed to provide to the city that empowered me within my quest and fostered my passion for fine writing. All I’m able to do is express gratitude. Appreciate studying, for discussing my work, for interacting and adding towards the conversation, as well as for four great years. To celebrate this anniversary, I’ve made the decision for hosting the very first ever contest to elegance The Pelikan’s Perch. In attempting to decide just which kind of prize to provide, I deflected by myself collection. By doing this I recognized the Pelikan P16 Stola III fountain pen could be perfect for the job at hands and entering for the opportunity to win one couldn’t be simpler. Continue reading to find out about all the details.

UPDATE 9/16/18: The competition originates for an finish and that i thanks all for the words of support and participation. My decision wasn’t a simple one because of so many great records to select from. Without further ado, I’m pleased to announce that Robbin A. takes home the prize. The Stola III will quickly be dispatched getting this contest to the conclusion. Given it’s success, I’m able to certainly see a different one within the Perch’s future. For now, keep studying to remain current on everything Pelikan.

Contest: WIN a Pelikan P16 Stola III Fountain Pen

The P16 Pelikan Stola III is definitely an awesome cartridge/ripper tools fountain pen. It received a really favorable score of 53/60 or 88% within this site’s review in October 2017. You will discover much more about this model along with the detailed information of this review here. Pelikan’s own sales literature states

“All Stola III fountain pens have a delicate and stylishly curved Pelikan stainless clip enhanced further having a brass barrel engrossed in a multilayered silver lacquer coating. This special surface finish not just shines, but includes a shimmering depth to it too – a variety having a sophisticated radiance. It’s a stylish gift that completely underscores special day. The Pelikan Stola III series continues to be produced like a modern and new stylized writing instrument series, the right image accessory, in an affordable cost.”

This is how to go in

1. Click a subscription for this site via e-mail. You should use the hyperlink below, click on the button at the end right hands corner from the page, or register through the widget within the side bar right. Take it easy, The Perch never spams you. If you’re already following a blog, you are able to skip straight to step two.

2. Leave a remark below letting me know either that which you like about Pelikan, what you’ve learned from my website, and/or what topics you want to see me address later on.

It’s as easy as that. The competition will run from September first though 14th and become controlled by the guidelines established below. Everybody 18 or older is thanks for visiting participate (except residents of Quebec, Canada where prohibited legally). By registering to the website, you might be alerted to new posts that will make sure you are current with all the latest Pelikan news and occasions in addition to learn associated with a new publish featuring insights into a few of the more esoteric aspects of the trademark. It might be my anniversary however the gift is perfect for you as a sign of my appreciation. Make certain to get the word out relating to this contest prior to the deadline to the enthusiasts of proper writing in your sphere of influence.

Contest: WIN a Pelikan P16 Stola III Fountain Pen

Contest Terms & Conditions
  • The competition will run from the moment of announcement on Saturday, September first, 2018 until night time eastern standard time (23:59 EST) on Friday, September 14th, 2018. The champion is going to be notified via e-mail within 72 hrs from the close from the contest. They’ll then have 72 hrs to reply before they forfeit the prize as well as an alternate champion is selected.
  • One champion is going to be selected to get a Pelikan P16 Stola III fountain pen having a medium nib. The pen is completely new and will be a silver gift box. This specific model includes a U.S. MSRP of $45. The prize isn’t transferable to a different person.
  • The competition is available to people worldwide (excluding residents of Quebec, Canada as well as in countries where this type of contest is illegitimate legally) to persons aged 18 or higher. Just one entry per person. Myself, my loved ones, or other people directly connected using the Pelikan’s Perch are excluded from consideration.
  • To get familiar with the competition, first click a subscription for this site via e-mail. You should use the hyperlink above, click on the button at the end right hands corner from the page, or register through the widget within the side bar right. If you’re already subscribed, you are able to skip to another step. Once subscribed, just leave a remark below letting me know either that which you like about Pelikan, what you’ve learned from my website, and/or what topics you want to see me address later on. Both tasks should be completed to have an entry that need considering valid. All surveys are susceptible to review and approval before becoming valid records.
  • The champion may have posted a legitimate entry and become selected by me in line with the response provided below. The judge’s decision is final.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, Pinterest, Reddit, and Google+ are by no means connected with this particular contest. There’s no sponsorship with this contest. The pen was purchased through the Pelikan’s Perch for that sole reason for this contest. By supplying your data within this form, you’re supplying your data in my experience and me alone. I don’t share or sell information and can use any information only with regards to contacting the champion.
  • The prize is going to be mailed towards the champion through the U . s . States Postal Service within seven days from the winner’s response which must incorporate a valid shipping address.
  • The amount of qualified records received determines the chances of winning. Void where prohibited legally. No purchase necessary.
  • The Pelikan’s Perch reserves the authority to publish the winner’s name for this blog. Neither your blog nor its administrator could be held responsible for lost/delayed e-mail, typographical errors, or technical failures.

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The Pelikan brand is definitely an icon within the good reputation for writing. Individuals using writing as work or leisure, realize that quality is essential within the finish result.
Using The Pelikan’s Perch we are able to always become familiar with a little concerning the good reputation for Pelikan, its characteristics with the ages. The understanding from the works printed on its website, will always be essential for individuals who choose this German brand. Thanks!

Pelikan – Beautiful pens and fantastic quality, wins each time.

Amazing website, every publish causes it to be more and better helpful towards the community.
Things I love about Pelikan may be the focus on details in reliable pens that last forever.

Love the website and revel in studying the articles. I have only a couple of Pelikans but wish I’d more. I’ve began to acknowledge the patterns for brand new releases, but perhaps a short article summarizing releases along with other big occasions throughout a typical year if you’re searching for article ideas? Thanks, Sean

I’m just beginning out researching Pelikan therefore the info you publish helps me when i look closer only at that make of pen like the Pelikan 101 publish. Thanks for the great information!

Thank you for this website – I really like that individuals outdoors the pen world wouldn’t recognize a Pelikan whether it bit them, but to individuals knowledgable they’re pieces of art.

Pelikans have been in my top 5 favorites and studying this website has enhanced my understanding and appreciation. It had been an excellent resource when I was searching to have an older turtle pen which pen is really a treasure in my experience! I might must many Pelikans, however i don’t think so!

Pelikan has existed for 180 years for any reason: it consistently produces high-quality pencils by having an exceptional quality. Their fountain pens are dependable by having an unmatched filling system. The nibs write easily as they are. They’re super easy to keep clean and maintain because of the nib being removable. It’s an innovative company that is constantly on the produce striking designs. These types of the range offered when it comes to sizes and materials used, it’s possible to always look for a pen to match their needs. Congratulations on four years, Joshua. Your website, undoubtedly, may be the source for that latest Pelikan news. Your reviews, how-to videos, historic pieces, and private insight posts will always be performed at such an advanced. And, most likely most telling, a person always has found time to reply to any question, it doesn’t matter how mundane it may have been, I’d regarding fountain pens. Much like you, your responses will always be well considered, detailed, and useful. Bravo!

Thanks for doing it (the website and also the giveaway). I’ve been in a Pelikan kick this season, greater than doubling the amount I own, which means this site is a go-to source of research. Things I like concerning the brand is that they never abandoned the reduced finish. For future years, I’d want to consider more historic pieces and explainers.

I’ve two lower finish Pelikans, and frequently consider upgrading. Your site has a lot useful information I’ll be heading back and again. Thanks!

Pelikan Persch é essencial a quem gosta de escrita.. pelo que há que absorver toda a preciosa informação.

Things I love about Pelikan: Their pens just fit my hands. They think so great. I usually have one inked and able to go.

This can be a wonderful method to observe your anniversary If only you a lot more many years of sailing the seas of knowledge!

Things I like about Pelikan is they haven’t (yet, a minimum of, and that i touch wood against it) invest their energy in to the up-market lines. One that doesn’t have the cash to throw in an M1000 or perhaps a Pura can continue to have a Pelikan– the writing characteristics of the Style or perhaps a Pelikano Up are so that you do not seem like you’re utilizing an affordable pen. I sometimes wish I were more willing to appear in public places using my Twist, because it’s a jolly nice pen to create with.

Hey, Joshua, congratulations on 4 years publishing this informative blog. I’ve learned lots about my Pelikans of your stuff. I could with confidence purchase a couple of older Pelikans due to what I’ve learned here about dating and identifying their various models. I own 21 Pelikans now, and also have just purchased #22: the Vibrant Red M101N. I’ve had my attention with that one for some time now, and lastly pulled the trigger. I chosen a medium nib since i do not have many for the reason that size. I’m searching toward an excellent writing experience, when i get with all of my wild birds. I’ve four M3XX minis within my collection I give them a call my “chicks.” I’ve really small hands, so that they suit me perfectly! I haven’t bought bigger than an M600, but I know even when Used to do, they’d be very well balanced their size wouldn’t really present an issue. But I’m pleased with their smaller sized models.

Thank you for ongoing to place out all of the helpful information on this website. I usually expect to studying new articles.

I really like the Pelikan bill design around the clips from the pens!

Each year I’m adding Pelikan pens to my collection and that i want to write together a lot. They’re also excellent to check out. I’ve got a selection of pens from M200 to M800 and that i like all of them. I love to use their ink also. Makes my writing experience smooth and enjoyable. Congratulations for you!

Your reviews happen to be very thorough and well researched. The photography is excellent also.

Even when I am not as into Pelikan (particularly) or collecting (generally), it’s interesting to determine what aspects are of the very most interest to collectors.

Pelikan combines a higher standard of excellence with beautiful craftsmanship.

Appreciate doing the giveaway!! I believe later on I must hear a bit more on which Pelikan can perform to innovate and move forwards but still maintain their devote enthusiast’s hearts. Will Pelikan ever restore standard Primary health care provider or AT grinds? Can they do anything whatsoever past their annual ink releases? Do they have to?
Again, many thanks for doing it

Joshua, congratulations on 4 years of publishing among the best fountain pen blogs the web provides. It’s due to you that I’ve created a love and want anything Pelikan. I really like will be able to with confidence buy older Pelikans from your meticulous research on their own various models. Such beautiful craftsmanship and I’m happy which i possess a couple of. Your passion for Pelikan is infectious and that i enjoy studying of your stuff. Continue the superb work!!

I’d like to help you address which from the greater-finish Pelikans is the greatest value.

I love the timeless form of Pelikan

I really like the nib of Pelikan.

I’m able to connect with your fountain pen journey. I’m really wishing to locate a brand that meets me too (I simply wish I’d the additional funds to indulge!) I haven’t attempted a Pelikan yet but it’s towards the top of my wish list after studying your site (and due to your site, I understand I’ll get the most from my Pelikan pen).

I’m a new comer to Pelikan pens and also to your site, so I wish to learn around I’m able to. I love vintage pens and can appreciate everyday your previous posts find out about vintage Pelikans. Congratulations on turning 4!

The Pelikan brand may be the standard for me personally in fountain pens. At the start of my fountain pen collecting, I gravitated toward Pelikans because of the quality, beauty, superiority their goods. Your site provides me in-depth historic insights and product assessment, enhancing my love and appreciation with this legendary mainstay within my collection.

My first Pelikan will get shipped tomorrow, and when you’d explained a few several weeks ago that it might be a classic pen greater than 60 years of age you might have measured on the seismometer the shock from my jaw striking the floor. And moments later, seeing my first photograph and outline from it inside your Help guide to Buying Pelikan, you could have been in a position to measure with this same seismometer my excitement after being grabbed through the 140. Take it easy, out of your blog I came across not just enthusiasm of these pens, but additionally good quality causes of buying vintage to begin with where I possibly could take action and keep my first Pelikan buying experience a high quality one. Congratulations in your anniversary!

I really like the Pelikan brand due to its background and wide selection of pens…

Thanks for the great info on your website. I really like our Pelikans however i can’t differentiate between writing having a gold nib along with a steel nib. Obviously I understand which of them possess a gold nib and also the pens which have a steel nib. In my opinion they will use exactly the same tipping material and that’s the only factor touching the paper. I additionally use hardly any pressure when writing so flexing from the nib doesn’t appear to affect my writing. I am not going to bother with it so i’ll just still enjoy with them.

Pelikan is symbolic of top quality pencils. Adding this “bird” to my collection could be momentous!

Very informative site! It’s my job to see if I intend to buy a particular model and I’m pleased to be updated on current releases. To date I’ve an M200, M215 and pelikan 120. More capacity to to pelikansperch!

I love it that it is pretty and delicate and may store lots of ink, to ensure that I do not have to stop in the centre, interrupted, to fill ink when I’m furiously writing.

I had been first brought to Pelikan by my dad who purchased the Pelikan 120 in 1940. For a long time he cared for it carefully rather than used to it fall from his hands. It’s a sheer beauty to carry as well as take a look at. He’d write cursive style, in black Pelikan 4001 ink. I’ve adopted his actions and obtained a Pelikan M200 in 2004. I take good proper care of it, and it is certainly much better than balance-hyped Mont Blanc pens. A sheer pleasure to carry and write with: that’s Pelikan for you personally!

I really like how Pelikans write and just how they’re created to last. I really like their selection of inks and just how they complement their pends.

Appreciate always discussing yesteryear, the current, and the way forward for Pelikans together with your readers.

I really like your site and tweets! You’ve opened up the Pelikan world for me personally. Interesting work!

Its a brandname of perfection.

I love the aesthetic of Pelikan pens, it’s difficult to evaluate however they really talk to me. Honestly I do not have yet however i am saving to rectify that soon I really hope!

Pelikan makes some excellent searching pens! I’ve really never even held one, which year I’ll be attending my first Hub. That’s another factor I love about Pelikan. Their generosity in supporting the annual Hubs.

Pelikan is my personal favorite fountain pen company. Every Pelikan I own writes easily and they’re all very dependable. I’ve enjoyed the Pelikan Hubs previously and definitely expect to enjoying this year’s event. I especially love looking at your assortment of pens! You usually appear to possess interesting topics therefore I am certain whatever subject you select later on is going to be of great interest in my experience.

A pelican pen includes a simple clean turn to it and offers a great writing experience.

I’m fortunate that my palate was touched early with excellence in the world of fountain pens and writing: from the moment I had been small, I received demonstration and impartation from the goodness of quality pencils, and also the place (and potential power) of the hands-written note, thoughtful in the very presentation — the good thing about the writing conveying gratitude and meaning past the words within.

Pelikan pens happen to be integral to my experience all on the way, the observations of childhood resulting in possession and regular use throughout their adult years. Worthy objects of love, they, on a lot of levels!

Exactly what a pleasure, to uncover your website to this point lower my Pelikan-loving road!

I’ve acquired greatly in the incredible resource you’ve produced here. I’m particularly grateful for the detailed instructions regarding things like washing the portion of demonstrator pens, tightening/reorienting the crowns and clips on pen caps, etc.– I’m inside your debt– but benefit most out of your ongoing, intelligent enthusiasm.

I quote you frequently:
“… Pelikan pens possess some indescribable quality, a personality along with a discipline, which makes owning and taking advantage of them a pleasure that transcends the sum of the their parts.”

A personality along with a discipline, indeed.

Love this comment for that sheer beauty with regards to the selection of words and also the writer’s pleasure of utilizing a fountain pen. Truly, you have to love writing and then understand the joys of seeing the language form around the page, along with a cursive type of writing would do much to find the lost joys of writing.

I’ve got a Pelikan M200 and also have intentions of expanding my collection. I personally use the Pelikan 4001 series black and white.
Pelikan pens are costly, but what is, you reside just once. So let’s use whatever’ left of the existence and relish the sheer pleasures of studying and writing and find lost joys!

I simply found this website and I’ve been browsing the rear catalog. I purchased my initial Pelikan (an M800) recently, and it is elegance is really satisfying, visually and robotically. Searching toward writing by using it to see all of the Pelikan lore here!

Pelikan is definitely an legendary brand. A buddy had an M400 White-colored Tortie. Holding that pen helped me would like to get back to fountain pens. It’s really a gorgeous specimen.

I do not quite know what it’s about Pelikan, however it merely has a particular quality into it. Basically had the cash to, I saw eliminating almost every other pen I own, and keeping an accumulation of only Pelikans, and i believe that might be fine. Pelikan does not have the overall brand cache of the Montblanc, or even the ubiquity (a minimum of in america) of the Pilot, but it features a more understated dominance’s from the pen world. Nobody ever stated they purchased a new Pelikan to become greater using the response of “oh, I do not trust that brand.”

My only Pelikan fountain pen at this time is definitely an M205, however i realize that I’ll at some point get s souveran (most likely the M80X or M100X, to obtain the upgraded piston mechanism.) your site is a great resource in mastering relating to this brand.

I really like the feel of this pen. Your review provided enough detailed information online and so i added it to my wish list.

I really like the expertise of writing with Pelikan pens – they’re smooth, wet, and most importantly, reliable (and many of them – the piston-fillers, a minimum of – hold a lot of ink.)

I’ve been following blog since i have bought my first Pelikan an M800. It’s my personal favorite fountain pen and bear it daily. Your posts are very well written and researched. I like studying about Pelikan’s background and your insight on new items about to be sold.

congratulations in your anniversary. I like the clean lines from the stola pen. It might join my Lamy being an EDC pen!

I have tried personally mainly Pelikan inks, and revel in their colors a great deal. I’ve attempted a couple of different Pelikan pens, but haven’t purchased one yet. Appreciate discussing your understanding, and congratulations around the anniversary!

Congratulations in your Anniversary. I’m recently back to fountain pens following a thirty year hiatus. There’s a lot happening. My first inks, upon my return, are Pelikan 4001 Turquoise and Royal Blue. The greater experience I gain, the greater I really like Pelikan inks. The colours are gorgeous. They write wonderful and they’re nice to my pens. Now it’s time to discover Pelikan pens. I’m glad I discovered your website. Robbin

I simply bought my second Pelikan and am loving my m200 smokey quarta movement.

I really like Pelikan’s little pelican around the cap’s top. I’ve heard they’ve altered with time and would like to learn more of their story through the years.

Records are actually closed folks. A champion is going to be announced soon. Return inside a couple of days to discover who won and appreciate taking part in my little giveaway.

I received my beautiful Stola III today. Many thanks. My first Pelikan pen and I’m very excited and grateful. I be certain that I’ll be studying later on. Just great site and also the great prize. Robbin A

I’m glad it showed up for you secure. You’re welcome and Hopefully you like. Just beware, an initial Pelikan frequently results in others and before very long, you’ve got a flock. Congratulations again!

Greetings and Salutations, I’m the incredibly pleased champion from the Stola III, Robbin A. I’ve been attempting to send a note to convey my gratitude. I’ve lost the e-mail address which announced my selection so I’ve been replying to various notices. To not beat a defunct horse, however i shouldn’t take my prize and run. Once more, appreciate selecting me to get my first Pelikan pen. Robbin A.

Your appreciation from the gift really causes it to be all useful. Congratulations again. Enjoy your pen.

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