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When Size Matters: Helpful tips for Pelikan pen sizes

January 16, 2020

Pelikan creates beautiful pens from hands switched resin with dedicated craftsmanship and subtle details which will make each writing instrument a person thing of beauty.
Pelikan uses letters and figures to differentiate their pens writing sizes and types across ranges. This will make it hard to be aware what pen will meet your needs exactly without procuring research.

To assist the Pelikan newcomer, we’ve attempted to obtain lower towards the core from the issue and show the Pelikan ranges in most their glory.

Writing Type

The letter in every pen’s name denotes the writing type. They are simple enough to decipher because they are usually the first letter from the German reputation for that writing type.

  • M – Piston filling fountain pen ( Mechanik-Füllhalter )
    P – Cartridge / ripper tools fountain pen ( Patrone – meaning cartridge)
    R – Rollerball pen (Technically also Kugelschreiber like ballpoint the german language so referred to as Rollerball to distinguish)
    K – Ballpoint Pen ( Kugelschreiber )
    D – Mechanical Pencil ( Druckbleistift )

Pen Sizing

Fountain Pens

In most cases, in every range the bigger the amount, the bigger the pen itself. For instance, the Souverän M1000 is Pelikan’s largest Souverän pen in a whopping 177mm lengthy once the cap is published!

However, by trying and compare range to range it will get a little more complicated. Over the ranges many fountain pens happen to be designed to reflect how big a pen within the Souverän range, but happen to be named differently.

The look below shows the relative sizes of every Pelikan fountain pen to each other using their range name and number in the above list.

Pelikan rollerball pens stick to the same conventions his or her fountain pens and can complement size a good idea to the fountain pens when closed.

Ballpoints & Pencils

Pelikan ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils vary both in size and mechanism type. Overall their range sizes match the fountain and rollerballs, however the mechanism type distorts the sizings of some ranges, meaning it normally won’t match correctly using the fountain/rollerballs.

The extended click mechanism around the Classic K200 and Souverän K400 , make their overall length bigger than they must be for his or her range size, although themselves size stays consistent with their range.

But which pen is the best for me?

It’s ok listing sizes for you, but what you truly need to know is when which size pen will fit you. Here’s a fast run lower:

300 – A pocket size pen. Ideal for investing in a pocket or bag and excellent for travelling.

200, 400, 700 – A typical size pen across, however a little shorter than normal. Great for most of us, but especially individuals with smaller sized hands.

120, 600, 40 – A typical size pen. Well suited for everybody.

800, 900 – A chunky pen. Generally suitable for bigger hands, but because of lightweight construction doesn’t feel overweight and is utilized by anybody.

1000 – A clearly oversize pen. Suits large hands.

One deliberation over “

When Size Matters: Helpful tips for Pelikan pen sizes

Love the Souveran’s. Purchased a 1000. Like it. Love the three smaller sized ones too. And love the mechanical pencil. Much pleasure using beautiful, smartly designed and well-crafted things.